Wind and rain

I only managed to see the resident tree sparrows around our house today, as most of my time was taken up with admin of one type or another. It was a cold and rainy day, and more snow is forecast, but I’m hoping that I might get out and about tomorrow – fingers’ crossed!

A wintry view from the house

Any day now I might start to see some of our summer visitors: It’s always exciting when migrants start arriving as literally anything can turn up anywhere! I’m really pleased to have got to 141 bird species this early in the year, as now it certainly looks as though I should make it to around 170 by some time in May even if I only add relatively common summer birds; which will give me a good chance of getting to 200 by the end of the year.

Brenda reports that three March moths that have been hanging around the moth trap recently, but actually staying on the outside wall of the house, have today all decided to repair to the inside of the moth trap – presumably to escape from the very windy weather!

No new species for March 13th:

Birds = 141
Moths = 9
Wildflowers = 23