Waulkmill and back

Today I travelled up from our hired Scottish mansion to our purchased Scottish chapel! The reason for the journey was to deliver some furniture from Norfolk via our friend Mark’s van. We took the scenic route there, via Braemar and Ballater, which means driving through the lovely Glenshee.


No new birds today as I still haven’t managed to find a red grouse on the moors, or see a hooded crow.

Brenda writes: “Today I had a day around the house and a walk in the grounds towards dusk. There were a dozen deer by the curling pool and a brown hare in the field. I also heard a cuckoo. We always log the musical interval of any cuckoo’s we hear, and this one, unusually, was a major 2nd. For me dusk is the best time of day as nature goes to rest. This far north it stays light really late!” 

New species for June 5th:
Moths: peacock, small seraphim