Modern life is full of acronyms, and so I thought I would invent a new one! This one has nothing to do with a certain range of soft drinks but describes my temporary role while Brenda is away for a couple of days: Very Important Moth Trap Operative.**

On my first day in the role I was delighted to be able to actually identify some of the moths, including some – you’ve guessed it! – large yellow underwings! I did manage one other identification, an angleshades, before sending photos of everything else to Brenda.

Brenda writes: “I’m on retreat on a little campsite near West Harling on the edge of Thetford Forest. I last came here in June 2022 because I could see from the OS map that there were lovely walks locally.

West Harling church

Today I headed out first to West Harling church which is in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust, then on along footpaths that took me through flood-meadows to a bridge across the river Thet. Here I paused for a cup of tea while watching leaves flutter down to join others already floating lazily along the river.

The river Thet

The path then took me along the riverbank and onto West Harling Common, a strip of scrubby heathland between the river and the edge of the forest. In this mild weather there were lots of flowers still in bloom or starting again, and I was pleased to see musk thistle which is distinctive in having drooping flower heads with smooth stalks.”

musk thistle

No new species for October 5th:

Birds = 221
Moths = 245
Wildflowers = 286

** The acronym does not make completely clear, however, what it is that is “Very Important”. Is it the moth trap or me? I’ll leave that one for you to ponder…..