To be or not to be

Sadly there wasn’t a lot to report today as we are both in full “work catch up after a holiday” mode! However I did learn that the small colony of bee-eaters that I went to see near Cromer last year are back again, so that gives the promise of a colourful trip as soon as I can find the time!

Brenda writes: “I was mostly around home today and there were no new flowers. The first moth of the night was new for the year – my 100th – and flew into the kitchen as I was preparing to go to bed; one of the hazards of having open windows on a hot night. It’s a micro called bee moth or aphomia sociella.

To bee or not to bee…..a bee moth (not a bee-eater!)

Again there were lots of moths in the trap in the morning, including 27 heart and dart and 5 dark arches. James has a saying, ‘If in doubt, it’s a turnip.’ Three of the moths I brought in proved, on inspection, to be turnips! However there was also a burnished brass with it’s iridescent colouring.

The wonderfully names (and wonderfully coloured) burnished brass

New species for June 13th:
Moths: bee moth, burnished brass, common footman

Birds = 200
Moths = 104
Wildflowers = 196