Time for the flowers

Brenda writes: “Steve asked me to do my 10 favourite flowers. How to choose? I think it has to be the smile factor so here goes…

Yarrow. It’s a tough cooky that is still hanging on as the year ends.

Bee orchid. I never ever thought I’d have bee orchids growing in my back garden and to be able to observe them daily. 

Ground ivy. Low growing with lilac flowers it forms mats on grass verges among other spring flowers.

Green alkanet. A strange name for a plant that has bright blue forget-me-not type flowers. I guess its leaves are very green and luxurious. 

Scarlet pimpernel. This ground creeping plant also grows in my garden. It has star-shaped flowers with bright red petals.

Rosebay willowherb. With delicate pink flowers in a cluster that tapers to a point. A swathe of these flowers is a beautiful sight. 

Yellow archangel. A member of the dead-nettle family, it is similar to white dead-nettle and bigger with beautiful yellow flowers.

Ivy-leaved toadflax. Growing mainly on walls (and all round the tubs by my front door). I love its shiny ivy shaped leaves and lilac flowers.

Teasel. A tall spiky plant that has an egg-shaped spiny flowerhead. The lilac flowers work their way up the head and when finished the plant soon dries up and goes brown and rigid.

Ivy. It flowers in September with a ball of white flowers that provide a late nectar fix for insects, particularly bees. 

No new species for December 24th:

Birds = 231
Moths = 259
Wildflowers = 291