The golden triangle

Brenda writes: “The moth trap was busy again with a record breaking number of dark arches, 55, and 6 light arches. James brought in a white micro called acentria ephemerella. It usually arrives in great numbers but we just had one! We also had our first broad-bordered yellow underwing, smaller than the large yellow and, if you can see the underwing, it has a broader black border. Three micros completed our haul. James managed to get a photo of a gold triangle (hypsophygia costalis) with its wings outstretched showing the hind wings. What a gorgeous moth.

gold triangle

We also had thiodea citrana and small magpie (anania hortulata) which is large by micro standards and could be mistaken for a macro.

small magpie

I had a funeral this morning and walking back from the church the lady’s bedstraw is now in flower on the green. It gets its name because in the past it was used to stuff mattresses.

lady’s bedstraw

In the car on the way to Overstrand for our concert I saw fennel and buddleia on the verge.”

New species for June 29th:
Moths: broad-bordered yellow underwing, acentria ephemerella, gold triangle, thiodia citrana, small magpie
Flowers: lady’s bedstraw, fennel, buddleia

Birds = 203
Moths = 153
Wildflowers = 222