The flowers are not flagging

Today I had no time for any wildlife watching, but Brenda managed to find some new flowering plants in the Benslow garden. Maybe she’ll catch me a little more before I get to 200 bird species!

Brenda writes: “We had a full coaching day today so there wasn’t time for a proper walk. However, I did manage a few minutes in the garden after dinner. It has been a glorious sunny day and since yesterday a yellow flag iris has opened in the courtyard water feature where there is also water-cress.

yellow flag iris

Elsewhere in the garden there is common nettle now in flower and cut-leaved cranesbill. The flower is the same as dove’s-foot cranesbill but the leaves are very different, being deeply cut. No change with the deadly nightshade: Maybe it will flower tomorrow!”

common nettle
cut-leaved cranesbill

New species for May 21st:
Flowers: yellow flag iris, water-cress, common nettle, cut-leaved cranesbill