The final third

We knew that, as the year progressed, it would become somewhat harder to add species to our lists. At this point – basically two-thirds of the way through the year – the moths are now the most likely list to keep increasing. Brenda tells me that there are not that many plants that she now expects to see flowering, and of course I’ve done well with my bird list, and am hopeful yo maybe add another ten if I’m lucky.

There are also days, like today, where neither of us manage to get time for any wildlife watching: This is our last day before heading back to Norfolk and was entirely taken up with decorating, clearing some of the overgrown plants in the garden, and general packing and tidying – plus two social visits from neighbours.

On my next trip north, which looks like being the end of October, I’m keen to try to see a few of the Scottish specialities that I’m currently missing: crossbill and great northern diver would be great, and if I’m really lucky golden eagle, black grouse and ptarmigan – the last a bird I have never seen in the UK.

Something I hope to see later this year – a great northern diver (photo taken in 2013)

No new species for September 1st:

Birds = 215
Moths = 219
Wildflowers = 275