The box-tree invader

Brenda writes: “Today a bunch of us had a wonderful day playing string music together to celebrate our friend Roz’s birthday. In the morning I recorded 12 species in the moth trap, all regulars for this time of year. The only new moth for today flew into Roz’s kitchen in Swaffham Prior in the early evening! I first came across it in October 2021 when our daughter sent a photo of one in her flat in Tonbridge, but this is the first time I’ve seen one myself. Sadly, although very pretty, cydalima perspectalis or box-tree moth is a serious pest. Originally from south-east Asia, it was accidentally introduced here and was first recorded in Kent in 2007. It has since spread widely and its larvae can do serious damage to box hedges.”


New species for September 30th:
Moths: box-tree moth

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