The 300th post

The day of our 300th post was wet and blustery (again!) and we didn’t get out at all. When I had the idea for this blog, back in November or December last year, I had thought that we would just write something on the days when we got to see any wildlife… but then – once I had written entries for the first few days when we didn’t get out and about – it seemed silly not to try to do a post every day in 2023.

And for a lot of the year that’s been no problem, since there have either been new birds, new moths or new flowers, or just interesting walks in fascinating places. But the last few days have been – with a couple of exceptions – almost entirely rain-sodden, and with few moths flying, and very few flowering plants, it’s been a little more difficult to write an interesting post.

I wonder what was in the moth trap today…..

Brenda writes: “There were four intrepid moths in the trap – chestnut, yellow-line quaker, spruce carpet and a new one, December. There’s no doubt about identification with this one which is a beautiful moth, even if it is a month or so early for its name!

December moth (above and below)

As the rain continued I completed laying the brown carpet and had a very soggy walk through Leslie and along the Gadie burn. I saw three species in flower, hogweed, orange hawkweed and a new one, downy hempnettle, which is like white deadnettle but bigger and branched with very pale yellow flowers.”

New species for October 27th:
Moths: December
Flowers: downy hempnettle

Birds = 226
Moths = 255
Wildflowers = 290