Ten spots or not

Brenda writes: “It was a damp and cooler night and so there were fewer species in the moth trap this morning, just seven: All nice though! There were five large wainscots, one of which was the smaller shaded form which I haven’t had before. I sent a picture of it to James and he commented that it definitely was a large wainscot but even he wasn’t familiar with that shading. Perhaps it’s ‘normal for Norfolk’!

large wainscot

Talking of which I was doing a bit of tidying at Holkham church today because we have a wedding there on Saturday and I saw what seemed to be a spotless ladybird. We did some research and apparently it’s a 10 spot ladybird, but they are ‘very variable’. This one had just two spots visible on its sides!”

The misleadingly named 10-spot ladybird…though many of them do have 10 spots!

No new species for October 11th:

Birds = 223
Moths = 250
Wildflowers = 289