Swans at Santon Downham

mute swans on the river at Santon Downham

Brenda writes: “Before heading to Ely for a rehearsal today we decided to have a walk near Brandon: We haven’t been to Santon Downham for years and it was lovely to be there, although for some reason it brought back vivid memories of my one and only disastrous attempt at kayaking! One of the things I love most about Breckland is the Scots pines.

Scots pine

In this wonderful Indian summer I’m seeing a fresh flowering of many species. Here there was white campion and shepherd’s purse. Viper’s bugloss loves the sandy soil: Most of it was coming to an end, but also there were some fresh patches.

viper’s bugloss

It used to be that I would have been very excited about seeing hare’s foot clover but I have become accustomed to it growing profusely in my own garden! It’s good to be reminded that it’s relatively rare. There’s a tiny church here, All Saints, which is in the care of Norfolk Churches Trust, so I had to pay a visit. 

All Saints, Santon Downham

No new species for September 7th:

Birds = 216
Moths = 221
Wildflowers = 276