Sunshine after rain

Brenda writes: “After yesterday’s rain it was lovely to have my first walk at Downe House. Last year everything was parched and the lawns were yellow. This year it is very green – such a beautiful place.

Downe House school

The school is on an escarpment and on the edge of the site is lovely mixed woodland with lots of Scots pines. This year the bracken is very lush.


There were three new species of plant today, betony, common fleabane and enchanter’s nightshade, all species that appear later in the season.

common fleabane

I know Indian or Himalayan balsam is a pest but I rather like it. It grows in wet places, often by rivers, has pretty pink flowers and a delicate scent. There’s lots here in the boggy area at the bottom of the hill.

Indian balsam

As I headed back there was a flock of long-tailed tits in the trees and a buzzard floating overhead.”

New species for August 9th:
Flowers: betony, common fleabane, enchanter’s nightshade

Birds = 214
Moths = 207
Wildflowers = 270