Sunday flowers

Today I’m full of a cold! At least it waited until the journey back from Scotland to take hold. So today was a day reflecting on our wildlife journey so far, whilst Brenda saw more flowers :-)

Brenda writes: “Back at work I was off round the churches doing services. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much new but then I discovered it has been very cold while we were sunbathing in Scotland! I was more aware of absences as the alexanders and gorse has finished. There was one new roadside species, field bindweed and as I walked down to do evening prayer there were three more. On the green there was slender knapweed.

slender knapweed

Scrambling through the hawthorn hedge was the vine-like white bryony and on the churchyard wall the aptly named pellitory of the wall. Meanwhile the creeping cinquefoil on our front drive has been busy. It propagates by sending out long runners, often red.

white bryony
pellitory of the wall along with ivy-leaved toadflax (small blue flowers)
creeping cinquefoil with its red runners

But the star of the day was in our own garden, bee orchids. There was great excitement a couple of summers ago when we found them on the green. That autumn I noticed some leaves in our lawn and carefully mowed round them to see what they might be. My hunch was correct and we had three bee orchids. This year we have eight in flower with another couple to come.”

bee orchids

New species for June 11th:
Flowers: field bindweed, slender knapweed, white bryony, pellitory of the wall, bee orchid

Birds = 200
Moths = 96
Wildflowers = 195