Storm Otto

From somewhere in the middle of the night until dusk today we were battered by the winds from storm Otto. We were woken by various beeps as the power went out at just after 7am. Coupled with the fact that our oil boiler has not been working for the last few days, this meant that we were pretty stuck until the power came back on – the only saving grace being the wood-burner in the kitchen!

Panoramic view from the end of our back garden (photo taken December 2021)

Luckily the power came on again at about 11am, allowing Brenda to brew a pot of tea and me to make a cafetière of coffee. Saved!

Several of the component pieces of the moth trap had been blown around the front of the property, but we found them all, so hopefully it is still fully functional. It didn’t really feel either safe or inviting to go out, so we stayed around the house doing various jobs, making today a day where we didn’t encounter wildlife but we did encounter wild weather!

Brenda spent a fruitful afternoon weeding out a neglected flower bed at the front of the house whilst enjoying the songs of several skylarks who were braving the winds.

No new species for February 17th:

Birds = 127
Moths = 4
Wildflowers = 16