Stocking up

Having both been in different places for most of the day Brenda and I met up at Lynford Arboretum for a walk at about 3.30pm. It’s always a good place to visit, but today the most productive area for birds was the view from a gateway through to where there is a small pond, some bird feeders and where some loose bird seed had also been put down. This produced a really good variety of birds: great tits, blue tits, a couple of coal tits, plenty of blackbirds and chaffinches, a dunnock, a couple of robins, and up to eight yellowhammers! There were also visits by a solitary nuthatch and a lone brambling, and also – a first for 2023 – a stock dove. The birds were all stocking up on the free food on offer, with the chance of a quick wash and brush up in the pond as well!

blackbird (photo taken 2013)

New species for March 4th:
Birds: stock dove

Birds = 136
Moths = 9
Wildflowers = 23