Still flowering

Brenda writes: “At this time of year it is particularly interesting to see which species continue to have flowers, and on my regular routes I know where to spot them. At the moment as I leave the house there are daisy, dandelion and white campion on the verges. The gorse is out and will continue to flower through the winter. Heading along the edge of Wells towards Holkham I see white deadnettle, ragwort and, of course, yarrow.


On the road to Burnham Market there’s ox-eye daisy, a patch of evening primrose, with hedge bindweed on the hedge opposite, a single head of tansy and some white campion. Heading back to Wells there is a single clump of ribbed melilot and purple toadflax opposite the church.

On the bank at Wighton I find common calamint still in flower. Returning home, there is ivy-leaved toadflax around the tubs by the front door. Not a bad list for the beginning of November!”

ivy-leaved toadflax

No new species for November 2nd:

Birds = 226
Moths = 255
Wildflowers = 290