Still diving

Mid-afternoon today I went down to the beach at Wells again, and looked around the area of the outer harbour and lifeboat station. To my delight the juvenile red-throated diver was still around and I was able to get some reasonably close photos.

The juvenile red-throated diver again, in the Wells outer harbour

It was pretty well high tide whilst I was there, and very few people were about. There were a lot of gulls on the sea, and distant rows of oystercatchers and cormorants on some small remaining sandbars out to sea. A pair of red-breasted mergansers swam past at one point, and there were plenty of mallards and Brent geese. As the sun began to set I headed home.

Looking back toward Wells from the site of the old lifeboat station

Brenda had a single December moth today.

No new species for November 23rd:

Birds = 228
Moths = 256
Wildflowers = 290