Spitting moths

Brenda writes: “There is a reduction in the range and numbers of moths as we move into September, and so today I logged 15 species in much smaller numbers than in recent days – apart from the 96 large yellow underwings!

And it was nice to see another old lady and a frosted orange. Meanwhile, I’m finding thorns very difficult to identify. I commented to Steve recently that I’m unlikely see many more new species of flowers as we move into autumn (though there will be a steady tally of autumn-flying moths) but I may pick up things I haven’t yet seen. Such was the case in the doctor’s surgery car park where some small balsam was growing.

small balsam

Ashlin, one of our cats, takes great interest when I empty the moth trap but knows that I won’t let her catch a moth. However today she did manage to catch a large yellow underwing – then discovered that it wasn’t good to eat and spat it out!”

New species for September 8th:
Flowers: small balsam

Birds = 216
Moths = 221
Wildflowers = 277