Spears and a dagger

I didn’t manage any wildlife watching today: I have a lot of major concerts over the next three weeks and so preparing for them is taking precedence at the moment! I did go into the back garden though to take some photos of bees on our “triffid” spear thistle.

A white-tailed bumblebee on a spear thistle

Brenda writes: “I was mostly around home today. There was one new moth in the trap, a particular favourite, the grey dagger.

grey dagger

Today’s new flower was in the garden, hare’s-foot clover. Much smaller than either white or red clover, it has fluffy pale pink flowers.

hare’s-foot clover

Our bee orchids continue to flourish but sadly something decided the pyramidal orchid looked like a tasty snack, so it is no more!

New species for June 22nd:
Moths: grey dagger
Flowers: hare’s-foot clover

Birds = 203
Moths = 128
Wildflowers = 215