Scottish Mandarins

There was a small break in the Scottish weather today and I went a walk at Fyvie Castle with my sister and her husband, plus dog. The path around the lake, which Brenda and I have done a couple of times, is lovely and today there was a good smattering of water birds including mallards, tufted ducks, greylag geese, a little grebe, a wigeon, coots, moorhens and a pair of goldeneye.

There were also three Mandarin ducks, two males and a female – the first time I have seen these at Fyvie, or indeed in Scotland. A naturalised species originating from escaped birds in collections they are, nonetheless, nice to see.

A male Mandarin duck (photo taken 2017)

No new species for October 30th:

Birds = 226
Moths = 255
Wildflowers = 290