Return to moth trap city

It’s a difficult week for blog writing: In some ways I’m surprised that this sort of time issue hasn’t happened earlier in the year (I’m writing this, for 28th June, on 2nd July!). But it’s been a very busy week. Today was the first of four consecutive concerts which are obviously taking up most of my (and Brenda’s) time. But it’s great to be making music with my quartet and with some other wonderful musicians. I’m hoping we’ll manage to get up to date with the blog fairly quickly, but I think it will mostly feature moths for the next few days!

Go moths!!

Brenda writes: “There were no new moths today but I did have confirmation from James that a few days ago I correctly identified two micros, apotomis betuletana and aleimma loeflingiana.

apotomis betuletana
aleimma loeflingiana

An inspection of the egg boxes today produced a wonderful selection of species: Clearly identifiable, from left to right, are poplar hawk, double square-spot, heart and club, lime hawk, peppered, dark arches and elephant hawk. That made me very happy.

Return to moth trap city!

We also had swallow-tailed again, such a beautiful moth.

swallow-tailed moth

The drive to Ely for our concert there provided an opportunity to catch up with what’s been happening on the grass verges. Both great and rosebay willowherbs have come into flower and I also saw everlasting pea, the wild relative of sweet pea, and hemp agrimony.

New species for June 28th:
Moths: apotomis betuletana, aleimma loeflingiana
Flowers: great willowherb, rosebay willowherb, everlasting pea, hemp agrimony

Birds = 203
Moths = 148
Wildflowers = 219