Rain and treecreepers

Today Brenda and I had our first duo concert of 2023 in Burnham Market, so I had little time for any wildlife watching….and it was rainy! Give me cold, clear and dry over mild, grey and drizzly any day!

But I ventured out briefly to Wells woods as at this time of year there’s always the chance of finding a woodcock, or seeing redpoll or possibly arctic redpoll. None of those were to be seen today though, but I did spend an enjoyable few minutes watching a flock of long-tailed tits, and got excellent views of two treecreepers. I love these little birds – they have amazing camouflage against the trunks of trees, and can be hard to spot, but when you see them up close they are really beautiful.

I also had great views of several coal tits – you can tell them by looking for the white strip on the back of the head.

a coal tit showing its distinctive head markings (photo taken on 24th January when it was sunny!)

It’s extremely likely that I’ll see more birds tomorrow though as Brenda and I are going to the WWT reserve at Welney, as part of a special visit for members of Ely Sinfonia – more about that in the next instalment! And our duo concert went very well this evening, so despite the weather it’s been a good day.

Still no moths as yet!

No new species for January 25th:

Birds = 109
Moths = 0
Wildflowers = 11