Quiet turnstones, noisy gulls!

Our daughter Jennifer was visiting today and she and I had a walk in Wells, which took in the harbour. I was surprised to see some turnstones on the quay and also on the deck of a moored fishing boat, quietly searching for scraps of food. This was in stark contrast to the noisy herring gulls, flying around all over the place as usual and being loud and brash!

A handful of turnstones at Wells
I do like a turnstone (photo taken earlier in 2023)

Brenda writes: “Driving between churches today there was a real sense of being down to the core grass verge survivors, daisy, a few stalks of oxeye daisy, ragwort, white deadnettle, hogweed and yarrow. There was still some marjoram driving back into Wells but that will soon be gone. Gorse will continue to be a welcome spash of colour. We had a brief walk along the quay after lunch and I was pleased to see that the horse sculpture, which stands on the sandbank in the summer, was still on the jetty. It had been decorated for Remembrance and will soon be stored for the winter months.”

The horse sculpture in Wells

No new species for November 19th:

Birds = 228
Moths = 256
Wildflowers = 290