Quiet contemplation

With neither of us able to get out for a walk today, and with no moths in the moth trap, it was a bit of a wildlife non-event! But I was quietly contemplating today about how great it’s been – as we near the end of the year – to have a sustained period where I tried to get out into the countryside much more regularly than ever before.

(photo taken 2021)

It’s paid off in so many ways: The largest bird count I’ve ever had in one year; lots of new species; getting to know certain species better; and seeing things I’ve hardly ever seen before. Over the last few weeks it’s been sea-watching that has been very rewarding – something that, until this year, I had never given enough time to.

And so although it’s sometimes proving hard (as today) to write something for the blog, overall it’s been an amazing experience!

No new species for November 22nd:

Birds = 228
Moths = 256
Wildflowers = 290