Pintail at Titchwell

I managed a short visit to Titchwell today – possibly the last time I’ll get there this year. It was mild and dry but fairly windy.

Titchwell beach today

There were plenty of Brent geese around and some lovely views of pintail.

Brent geese in flight
Male pintail and the same bird “up-ending” (below)

I also saw a good number of waders including redshank, curlew, sanderling, black-tailed godwit, oystercatcher, dunlin and grey plover.

I never really tire of photographing sanderling! (above and below)

On the sea there were a handful of common scoter and 14 red-breasted mergansers, a bird I have definitely seen more of this year than in any previous year.

No new species for December 23rd:

Birds = 231
Moths = 259
Wildflowers = 291