Pink, brown, grey and green

I spent quite a lot of time today in The Harbour Room in Blakeney as I was running the mixing desk there, helping out my friend Mark, who had another band to do sound for elsewhere. So I heard a lot of Pink Floyd, from tribute band A Saucerful of Floyd, but only managed a short walk on the quay at Blakeney where I did, though, get lovely views of greenfinch and common whitethroat.

My view over the mixing desk to some of the “wildlife” in Blakeney today!

Brenda writes: “I was mostly around home today so saw no new flowers, but the moth trap was busy again. Dark arches were in the lead (24) with heart and dart coming in a close second (20). There was another cinnabar and we continue to have individual treble lines most days. There were three new macros and an awful lot of micros I didn’t even try to identify!

Pugs are very difficult but today’s was one of the distinctive species, lime-speck pug, pale with a dark splotch on each wing. The camouflage is meant to mimic a small bird dropping!

lime-speck pug

The treble brown-spot is very pretty with the spots clearly visible.

treble brown-spot

Finally the handsome poplar grey which will be a regular now for a while.

poplar grey

Occasionally something that isn’t a moth turns up in the moth trap and today we had a wonderful shieldbug. Steve looked it up and it’s a hawthorn shieldbug, probably the most common in the UK, though slightly less widespread in Scotland. Great colours!”

hawthorn shieldbug (Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale)

New species for June 24th:
Moths: lime-speck pug, poplar grey, treble brown-spot

Birds = 203
Moths = 131
Wildflowers = 215