Palpita vitrealis

Brenda got back home today, but only in the late morning – so I checked the moth trap for the third time and photographed the residents. There were still a few large yellow underwings which means they’ve been in the trap every day for quite a few weeks now. I didn’t manage to get out anywhere today, but am hoping to get a decent walk tomorrow if I can. October – which is a great month for bird migration – always seems to get rather busy, meaning that I don’t get out birding as much as I’d like to. But hopefully even though this October is no exception in terms of work, I should still manage a bit more wildlife watching than in many previous years.

Brenda writes: “Today I was travelling home and then had a memorial service to be at, plus and preparation for Sunday services. Steve recorded 11 species of moth for me including a new micro, palpita vitrealis, quite similar to the box-tree but an immigrant that is not a pest. When I sent the picture to James for verification he said, ‘Yep. It js a beautiful moth. Huge influx recently – I had 17 last night.’ Show-off!”

palpita vitrealis

New species for October 7th:
Moths: palpita vitrealis

Birds = 221
Moths = 246
Wildflowers = 289