Our 100th post

Brenda was travelling up to Scotland by train for a short and well-deserved post-Easter break. I drove her to Peterborough station and she spent most of the day on one train or other, and a friend of ours picked her up from Insch and drove her the three and a bit miles to our Scottish house.

I headed back from Peterborough to King’s Lynn, in heavy rain, and visited Brenda’s Mum in hospital, then went back to Wells and cleaned our static caravan as we had a guest changeover. I then went home and did a few household chores and a bit of admin work before some friends came over to visit. By that time the weather had improved and so we went over to Lady Anne’s Drive for a short walk. Leaving the house we saw a pretty good rainbow.

…and once at Holkham there were some ominous storm clouds.

And so I had one new species for the day!

Just at the end of our walk we got caught in a torrential downpour, which was partly hailstones, so we headed home to dry off!

New species for April 10th:
Birds: willow warbler