Nothing to see here

And that is literally true! Neither of us got out and about today, and there were no new species to report.

It’s actually great that there have been very few days when we haven’t had things to write about, and I do hope that will continue throughout the year. Over the coming weeks I have a bit of travelling around to do and am hoping to visit a few interesting places, ending up with a couple of weeks holiday in Scotland from the end of May.

A photo of a robin to brighten up a “non-wildlife” day! (photo taken 2013)

Meanwhile I’m delighted that I’ve already got to 162 bird species in less than four months, and I’m looking forward to picking up a few obvious summer visitors over the next few weeks: cuckoo, house martin, reed warbler, whitethroat, blackcap, sedge warbler and wheatear should be fairly easy to find.

No new species for April 17th: