Nothing to report

Sadly there was absolutely no chance at any wildlife watching today: Quite apart from having quite a lot of musical tasks to accomplish, including taking an orchestral rehearsal, I had to spend a lot of additional time talking to our insurance company and various others to set in motion assessments and repairs to the Scottish house (see yesterday’s blog). I’m now writing this entry at an electric vehicle charging point near Newark, just topping up the charge before an overnight stay nearby and then I’ll be journeying on up to Scotland tomorrow.

However since even if I left fairly early in the morning I would still only get a little, if any, daylight when I arrived at the house…and since most of the electrics are currently out due to the water damage…and since I didn’t fancy the idea of trying to start sorting things out as it was going dark…I’ve decided that it would be a much more relaxing option to have plenty of stops tomorrow, get accommodation for another night somewhere near Perth or Dundee, and then arrive at the house on Sunday morning feeling fairly fresh and with plenty of daylight hours to start assessing the full situation there.

Today’s photo is of crystals of frost formed around grass in Holkham Park – for no other reason than I like the effect!

So hopefully I will be able to find some good birdwatching spots on my way, which should put me in a better mood than my current one!

No new species for March 10th:

Birds = 138
Moths = 9
Wildflowers = 23