North by train

Brenda writes: “Today I travelled the length of the country and it’s really interesting to observe what’s flourishing as the train takes me north. First, as I drove to Peterborough, I saw hops festooning a roadside tree. The sight of hops always makes me think of Walthamstow: my walks, when we lived there, took me down Coppermill Lane and under the railway line to Walthamstow marshes. The chain-link fence by the railway line was always covered in hops.

The other roadside species – which I finally got around to checking – is wild parsnip, a yellow umbellifer that grows in clumps to about a foot high. I’ve always thought wild carrot, which is white, and wild parsnip, which is yellow, are named the wrong way round!

Travelling up through Scotland the rosebay willowherb is still vibrant but the buddleia is nearly finished. I’ve seen elder flowers whereas in England the berries are ripe. Fascinating. Finally I’m always excited when we go across the Forth rail bridge and I can look across at the two road bridges.”

The Forth road bridges taken from the rail bridge
Our local station in Scotland, Insch

No new species for August 28th:

Birds = 215
Moths = 218
Wildflowers = 271