No more moths

Looking back over the beginning of this year I had forgotten how long it was before we saw our first moth: Plenty of jokes about it at the time! Brenda remarked this evening that we had finally got to the end of the moth year. There has been nothing in the moth trap over the last few days apart from a somewhat beaten up chestnut! It’s been – in my view anyway – a good year for moths though.

Brenda writes: “I’ve seen fewer of certain species such as peppered, common rustic and mallow, and some species that I’ve seen in previous years I haven’t seen at all in 2023. I guess this is the nature of changing weather patterns (and perhaps because of the really warm spell in September), however I do think that as the habitat matures in what was – a few years ago – a new housing development, there is beginning to be a larger variety of moths. 2023 was notable for the numbers of some of the larger moth species towards the end of the season – blue underwing, convolvulus hawk and old lady.

The wonderfully named old lady moth

No new species for December 27th:

Birds = 231
Moths = 259
Wildflowers = 291