My favourite moths of 2023

Another non-wildlife day, so I had a think about my favourite moths of the year. I might ask Brenda to write her take on this subject, but meanwhile here are my top ten:

Possibly my all-time favourite moth – a buff tip – because of the amazing camouflage

  1. poplar hawk
  2. blue underwing
  3. buff tip
  4. convolvulus hawk
  5. merveille du jour
  6. canary-shouldered thorn
  7. white ermine
  8. blood vein
  9. buff arches
  10. lime hawk
I love this photo of a buff arches as it looks – a bit of an optical illusion – as though the moth is somehow hollow!

No new species for December 7th:

Birds = 229
Moths = 259
Wildflowers = 291