Moving swiftly on

It was never likely that I would get out for a walk today – there was just too much to do. Ah well – hopefully I can make up for it tomorrow. The only wildlife related thing I managed today was to order some swift nextboxes! Swifts are another of the species that are massively in decline and a lot of this has to do with a lack of nesting sites. In fact I recently read about a petition to make “swift bricks” compulsory in all new house builds: If you’d like to sign the petition here’s the link:

I’m hoping to get a couple of these boxes up at the Rectory in Norfolk (if the church authorities don’t mind!) and at our Scottish house in time for the arrival of the swifts this year, which should be in early May.

So with nothing else to report for today here’s a photo of a black-headed gull: Often overlooked these are really rather smart birds. This one is in full summer plumage and already I am seeing some birds locally that are almost at this stage.

A black-headed gull in summer plumage (photo taken in 2013)

No new species for March 6th:

Birds = 136
Moths = 9
Wildflowers = 23