Moths and music

Today we had a string concert in one of Brenda’s churches – Wighton – where there is also currently a superb art exhibition, so I got to play Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, plus some other great string pieces, surrounded by amazing art installations. Fun! Sadly though this left no time at all for wildlife, apart from the fact that James was playing in the concert and was going to give a talk about moths after the music had concluded. More about that from Brenda…

Just two of the art works currently in Wighton church

Brenda writes: “There was nothing new in the trap today but I brought in a selection which illustrated the huge variety of shapes, sizes and colours of moth. This was because after our strings concert tonight at Wighton the plan is that James will run moth traps in the churchyard…but the weather forecast is diabolical. If he’s rained off he can still talk about moths and show people the specimens from this morning.

A silver y, on of the moths Brenda brought to the concert
A common footman also came to the concert

…..and n the event it bucketed with rain for much of the day and so after the concert James gave a talk about moths to around twenty people, and then they had a look at the moths we had brought in from the morning. Sadly no moth traps were possible in the churchyard. Another time perhaps!”

No new species for July 14th:

Birds = 206
Moths = 184
Wildflowers = 240