Moth eviction

Brenda writes: “We were rehearsing again today so there were no new flowers, but the moth trap was busy!

It’s quite a challenge working out what’s what in a crowded egg box (or equivalent).

Moth trap city! (including an elephant hawk-moth at the bottom left)

Least carpet was the first of the new moths today, along with dog’s tooth, which has a distinctive jagged white line on the edge of the wing.

dog’s tooth (photo by James Halsey)

There was also a micro, homoeosomo sinuella. Later in the day James pointed out another micro in the room where we were rehearsing. The brown house moth, hofmannophila pseudospratella, is not one you want in your home (it’s the one commonly known as the clothes moth) so once he’d taken a photo of it, it was unceremoniously evicted!

brown house moth (photo by James Halsey)

New species for June 27th:
Moths: least carpet, dog’s tooth, brown house moth, homoeosomo sinuella

Birds = 203
Moths = 146
Wildflowers = 215