More moths in winter

Brenda writes: “I’ve often noticed that after a cold snap there seems to be a flurry of activity in the moth trap. This morning there wasn’t anything actually in the trap but four moths were in the vicinity. Even more exciting was discovering that I had three new species for this year, mottled umber, scarce umber and two winter moths.

mottled umber
scarce umber

This afternoon I managed some time in the garden. As I tidied my composting area I heard the familiar chirruping of long-tailed tits and watched them work their way along the hazel branches. They are absolutely my favourite bird.”

long-tailed tit (photo taken spring 2018)

New species for December 4th:
Moths: winter, mottled umber, scarce umber

Birds = 229
Moths = 259
Wildflowers = 291