Mellow fruitfulness

Brenda writes: “At this time of year the season is beginning to turn and as well as watching for species that flower later I’m also aware of those which flowered earlier now bearing ripe fruit. As I walked down to the woods at Downe House the berries on the rowan trees were red. I’m seeing ripe brambles and will have to remember a bag to collect them in from now on.


Honeysuckle is still in bloom but also there are clusters of its red berries scrambling over the bushes. In spring there must have been a magnificent display of lords and ladies here because we now have equally magnificent patches of their bright red fruits.

lords and ladies

To quote Keats, we are entering the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’. It feels too early in the middle of August but the evidence is all around us.”

No new species for August 11th:

Birds = 214
Moths = 207
Wildflowers = 270