There were no wildlife sightings today from either of us, but I was thinking about the mammals that we’ve seen this year. It’s not been a bad list really, though there are several missing that I would like to have seen.

For deer we’ve seen red, roe, fallow, muntjac and Chinese water. We’ve had hedgehog, fox and badger. A stoat but not a weasel. Grey, red and black squirrels. And the lovely water vole at Minsmere. I’ve also nearly run over several rats, and I evicted a field mouse from the house in Scotland this week – we’ve had a lot of workmen in so I think it had taken refuge in there when the doors were open. Of course we’ve also seen rabbits and hares, and I managed an otter at Cley a few weeks ago.

All in all a good haul for the year I think. And my favourite? I think it has to be red squirrel!

red squirrel (photo taken in February 2023)

I would love to see pine marten one day, and we missed out on beavers this year, though they are resident at both Sculthorpe Moor and also Loch of the Lowes (where we failed to see them in June).

A beaver at Loch of the Lowes in 2018

No new species for December 19th:

Birds = 229
Moths = 259
Wildflowers = 291