Losing some sleep

The clocks change tonight, and I am conducting rehearsals with Ely Sinfonia all day tomorrow, so my plan is to get up early (very early for me with the change to British Summer Time), in order to have an hour or so at Lakenheath Fen, which is pretty directly on my route to the rehearsal venue in Haddenham. I’m not great at early starts (though better than Brenda!), but having had no chance to get out and about today I really don’t want to miss another day.

I saw almost no birds today, but in running a couple of errands in Wells I did see a kestrel, which is always a welcome sight. I should manage to get some wildlife time in every day next week, but then I have five days at a music conference in Cardiff followed by two days filming and recording in Malvern. However the clock change does mean more time in the evenings before it gets dark, so I’m hopeful that I can find some gaps in my schedule!

A kestrel hovering (photo taken 2014)

No new species for March 25th:

Birds = 148
Moths = 13
Wildflowers = 30