Loch Freuchie

A small group of us wanted to go back to Glen Quaich today: Some of the group had missed the first visit a couple of days previously and Brenda and I wanted to do a longer walk along Loch Freuchie.

The village of Amulree at the southern end of Glen Quaich

It was a lovely walk with large numbers of greylag and Canada geese, oystercatchers and willow warblers. Nothing new for the year on the bird front, but we did get more good views of red kite and buzzard. It looks like I’ll be leaving Scotland without seeing any grouse. Maybe next visit…

Brenda writes: “There was nothing new in the trap today but there was a lovely small elephant hawk-moth.

small elephant hawk-moth

We went to Glen Quaich again and this time Steve and I joined the group walking the path from the village of Amulree. There were no new flower species today but I did see some orange hawkweed and a lovely patch of chickweed wintergreen.

orange hawkweed
chickweed wintergreen

This is a beautiful glacial valley and a superb walk. I can never resist a good drumlin, mounds of debris dumped by the glacier if there was a thaw, which are then weathered over time.

Drumlins at Glen Quaich

No new species for June 8th: