Into single figures

Today’s wildlife sightings were as I was driving to King’s Lynn and back to pick up our son Chris, who’s coming to us for Christmas. Unsurprisingly I saw buzzard, red kite and kestrel on the way there, and – on the way back – a stoat ran across the road in front of us; only the second I’ve seen in 2023 and so a very welcome sight.

With this blog entry written we now have just nine to go – into single figures with 356 written. I have to admit that with the short days, Christmas visitors and fewer new species (and some rather inclement weather) it’s been harder to keep the entries going, but I think we’ll both be very pleased that we didn’t give up earlier in the year as it will be a great record of our wildlife for 2023!

I was looking at my recent “Top Birds” post ( and of course had seen the black-throated thrush ( by then it would have been a definite contender. But I did miss out one bird which I always enjoy seeing, and which has turned out to be a real “bird of 2023” as I’ve seen many more this year than I usually do, with our first sighting of the year (an eagle-eyed spot by Brenda!) being on January 3rd: water rail.

Because I tend to take bird photos in “burst” mode – where the camera takes multiple shots very quickly – I sometimes catch little bits of movement in the subjects, so with this one I decided to make an animated gif of the water rail I saw in November at Titchwell. Enjoy!

No new species for December 22nd:

Birds = 231
Moths = 259
Wildflowers = 291