Heading to Hitchin

Brenda writes: “After several no moth nights, this morning there were two Decembers sitting in the trap.

Today we were off to Benslow Music Trust in Hitchin for our piano quintet course. It’s a lovely drive through Thetford forest, particularly on a sunny day. The colours in the woodland are beautiful, the deep green of the conifers contrasted with the brown of the bracken. On the verges, after the recent cold weather, only the yarrow and hogweed are hanging on and there’s a sprinkling of yellow on the gorse.


Beyond Duxford there were a few red clover heads at the roundabouts. Here the landscape is different, with huge fields on either side of the road. At one point it looked like a field had been planted with young trees and on the opposite side was an entire field of solar panels! As we arrived at Benslow one of the resident black squirrels scampered across the road. I’m looking forward to having an amble around the garden.

No new species for December 8th:

Birds = 229
Moths = 259
Wildflowers = 291