Happy Christmas!

Brenda was understandably busy today (at least until early afternoon) as she has been for most of December! I managed a short walk at the pools east of Wells, but didn’t see anything of note, though I always enjoy visiting as you never really know what might be there.

We did play a family game of Wingspan though – a board game that revolves around a variety of birds and is rather good. The version we have is based on American species so it’s interesting to see what comes up that is also found in Europe as well as what species Brenda and I have seen on our two trips to Florida.

A wood stork in Florida – not a bird you’ll see in the UK! (photo taken 2015)

Brenda writes: “My last service of the Christmas rush was at Holkham Hall chapel. Lord and Lady Leicester, who were at the service with their family, allow us to worship there during the cold winter months although St Withburga’s remains open for visitors all year round. I always love seeing the fallow deer as I drive up through the park. They run free within the boundary wall but are well accustomed to seeing lots of humans and are comfortable grazing on the grassland below the house.

fallow deer near Holkham Hall

No new species for December 25th:

Birds = 231
Moths = 259
Wildflowers = 291