Forvie Sands

Today Brenda had to head back to Norfolk as she has services to take tomorrow. I’m staying in Scotland for a few more days to do bits and pieces of DIY – and some birdwatching as well of course!

So after I had dropped Brenda off at Aberdeen station I headed a little further north up the east coast of Scotland to Forvie Sands National Nature Reserve. This is a habitat of about 1000 hectares of sand dunes and dune heathland, and I’ve not explored it before. It’s far too much for one short visit, but I stopped beyond the village of Newburgh to look out over a tidal area of the river Ythan (a name that sounds Welsh to me rather than Scottish!) where there were large numbers of shelduck, dunlin, redshank and curlew.

View from the edge of the Forvie dune system looking north west with the Bennachie ridge in the distance

I then walked past a large and noisy rookery, and over the dune heath system to the North sea. On the sea there were several red-breasted mergansers and some divers very far out which I couldn’t specifically identify. I saw the bobbing heads of quite a few seals (I don’t know what species) out to sea too. The dune system itself was quite quiet, with just a few skylarks singing, and the occasional skein of pink-footed geese flying over (just like Norfolk!).

Part of the large dune heath system at Forvie
The beach at Forvie looking south towards Aberdeen

This place will be much busier with wildlife in a couple of months, so I must try to visit again. Meanwhile, back at the house, I’ve been left in charge of the moth trap: What could possible go wrong!

No new species for February 18th:

Birds = 127
Moths = 4
Wildflowers = 16