I managed a walk at the RSPB reserve at Snettisham, a path which I’ve not trodden for several years. Nothing new on the bird front but I passed a bush by the path from which a Cetti’s warbler was calling. It was obviously on a nest as I could hear the sounds of young, but as I passed by I was probably less than a metre from the actual bird, invisible deep in the undergrowth, so this was the loudest I have ever heard a Cetti’s! Talking it through with Brenda at home later we reckon she was at the same spot a few weeks ago when she commented on a very loud Cetti’s!

There were plenty of young birds about including this great tit, which looks to me like a juvenile.

A wide-eyed juvenile great tit

Down near the shore I did see a couple of oystercatchers on lockout!

oystercatchers on a rock

And on my way back to the car I came across this deer, which I think is a roe deer.

Brenda writes: “There was a nice selection of moths today including two elephant hawk-moths plus two new species. I’ve always liked the broad-barred white’s markings. It’s a very smart moth.

broad-bordered white

Heart and club is another in the category of brown moth with splotches! It’s closest to the heart and dart but the differences are obvious when compared.

heart and club

The other day we had two common footmans (or is that footmen!) in the trap, another family with a very distinctive shape, but the photo didn’t get to the blog.

common footman

There was nothing new in the flower department until, to my total astonishment, I discovered on the grass verge of our drive a pyramidal orchid. That made my day!

pyramidal orchid

New species for June 16th:
Moths: broad-barred white, heart and club
Flowers: pyramidal orchid

Birds = 200
Moths = 113
Wildflowers = 198