Finding a red line

I just had time a for a brief foray down to the pools east of Wells this evening, with Storm Babet threatening – though in fact it’s not due to get really windy here for a couple more days. It was quiet: plenty of teal and a variety of gulls, along with the usual selection of waders – mostly ruff and black-tailed godwits with a couple of snipe and a curlew. One thing I’m hoping to see down here before the end of the year is a jack snipe…..but no luck as yet!

Brenda writes: “After a cold clear night there were three moths in the moth trap. Angleshades and large wainscot are regulars at the moment but new for last night was red-line quaker, and I rescued a second one from a spider’s web.

red-line quaker

Traveller’s joy grows in profusion on the hedge at the end of our road. Now that it has gone to seed it’s obvious why its other name is old man’s beard!”

old man’s beard

New species for October 18th:
Moths: red-line quaker

Birds = 223
Moths = 251
Wildflowers = 289