Fieldfare in a tree

My walk today was from a track off the coast road near Burnham Overy Staithe, where Brenda dropped me off on her way to a meeting, over the dunes and then through the pines, where I met Brenda coming from the other direction after her meeting, and on to Lady Anne’s Drive!

The fields to the right of the very muddy track (I was glad that I had chosen my half-length wellingtons as footwear!) were full of birds – four species of geese (pink-footed, Brent, greylag and barnacle), lots of curlews and wigeon, and plenty of lapwings.

Geese in flight – pink-footed, barnacle and Brent (above) and a barnacle goose (below)

There were also 30 or so fieldfare moving along the hedge-line ahead of me: Always lovely to see these birds, and I haven’t seen that many this year.


The dunes were relatively quiet, with small flocks of linnets and starlings. By the time I was among the pines dusk was gathering but I did see a small party of long-tailed tits and a handful of magpies. Back at Lady Anne’s Drive the highlight was a hunting barn owl.

No new species for November 30th:

Birds = 228
Moths = 256
Wildflowers = 291