Feral pigeons and knotted shoulders

We have a couple of digital photo frames in the house. For a while I was unsure about their merit, but now I have one in my office that has bird photos on, and one in the lounge that has a mixture of family snaps on it. I set them both to only change every 30 minutes or so as I don’t like the photo changing every 30 seconds or less!

Currently I’m writing this blog in our lounge and I happened to glance at the photo frame to see a photo of what is probably my earliest interaction with birds! It’s a digital version of one of my Dad’s photo slides (some of you will remember slides!) from 1970. Dad took me to London for my 7th birthday and the photo is me in Trafalgar Square feeding the pigeons: So my first real bird encounter was with feral pigeons in the middle of a city. Not the most auspicious start!

Feral pigeons in Trafalgar Square in July 1970, plus 7-year-old me**

Brenda writes: “The merveille du jours keep coming, as do the wonderfully warm days in October, warm enough to wear a summer dress as I led the harvest celebration at Wells primary school. We had a new moth today, the very smart Blair’s shoulder-knot. Not so good is the return of wasps to the trap leaving evidence of their dastardly work in the bottom of the trap.”

Blair’s shoulder-knot

New species for October 9th:
Moths: Blair’s shoulder-knot

Birds = 222
Moths = 247
Wildflowers = 289

**The thing in front of the photo frame is the shed skin of one of our two corn snakes***

***Yes, we have snakes! We bought two baby corn snakes in August 2000. They are both still alive – well over the normal life expectancy in captivity.****

****One of the snakes (named by our son Chris) is called Milo. The other (named by me) is called Kellogg.*****

*****”Why Kellogg?” I hear you ask. Because of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Snakes of course!!